Our Strength

JNS Techno Trade believes that a proper combination of Human Resource and Technology can lead to ultimate success. Hence, with skilled and experienced Human Resources, JNS Techno Trade play the following roles in the trading activities:

  • Represent foreign machine manufacturers  as an agent or representative for marketing and selling their machineries in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and API sectors in Bangladesh.
  • Each sector of business is managed by separate and competent business team and they are continuously making promising development of services to achieve higher level of satisfaction of both customers and machine manufacturers.

JNS Techno Trade Team conducts their business through a continuous process of quality improvement and keeping in mind the following points:

  • 24 hour emergency call cover
  • All aspects of preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled service contracts
  • Repairs guidance of new machineries
  • Installations support of new macnineries
  • Replacement support of defective parts from manufacturer